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Riverside Father's Rights Lawyer & Attorney

Fathers wanting equal rights, our Riverside fathers rights lawyer can help you understand your equal parenting rights, and help you strategize a case plan to get as much equal time as possible. So Call Us 7 days at (909)234-9789 for your FREE PHONE CONSULTATION with your Riverside Fathers Rights lawyer.

Dads have rights too. Fathers often feel their rights as a father is ignored by the courts because mothers usually get more parenting time. Our Riverside Fathers rights lawyers can help you do a modification of visitation plans. And when fathers receive unequal parenting time than the mother in a modification of child custody or visitation hearing, fathers have difficulty understanding why. 

Parental Alienation and Paternity Rights Lawyer in Riverside

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Parental alienation is a difficult argument to convince the court of. Usually, to convince the court, parents need to show an independent psychologist's evaluation (a 730 evaluation or 3111 evaluation) that the child has been manipulated against the other parent. If you are in such a situation, you should speak to our aggressive and experienced Riverside child custody lawyer to determine your options CALL US at (909)234-9789 for your FREE PHONE CONSULTATION with your Riverside fathers rights lawyer.

Parental alienation is the psychological manipulation of the child that results in hostility, unwarranted fear, or disrespect towards the other parent. Basically, one parent influences the child by using deceptive tactics to change the behavior or perception of the child that results in loss of parent-child relationship with the other parent. This, in turn, affects the children's relationship with the alienated parent

Do I Need To Hire A Riverside Fathers Rights Lawyer?

Riverside San Bernardino Child Custody Lawyers

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Often, it is difficult for parents to represent themselves in a Riverside county high conflict child custody case or complicated divorce trials. Best practice is to remember that you should only hire a local Riverside divorce lawyer or child custody lawyer near you when your chances of success are as much as the other side's success.  

Consult with our experienced and aggressive Riverside family law attorney regarding your complicated divorce or high conflict child custody matter. So call us. We are available by phone at (909)234-9789 for a FREE PHONE consultation 7 days a week.

Expectations To Have In A Riverside Child Custody Case