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What Questions To Ask When Hiring A Divorce, Custody, or Family Law Attorney

Posted by Tashfeen (Tash) Haq on July 30, 2011 at 1:25 AM

A potential client who is either going through a divorce, child custody battle, or seeking restraining order should always ask the attorney questions to decide if the attorney is right for the client.

1) No Guarantees - NEVER hire a family law attorney who guarantees you he or she can win your case. No attorney is allowed to guarantee that they can win your case.

2) Experience - ask how experienced the attorney is in family law. Just because an attorney has been practicing for 20 years does not mean someone who has been practicing for 5 years cannot help you get a favorable result for your child custody or divorce, or restraining order case. Remember, even a beginner attorney can win a case against an experienced attorney as long as the beginner attorney has had enough experience in the matter and know what he or she is doing.

3) Focus on Family Law - find out if the attorney practices ONLY family law or if the attorney practices a wide variety of law. Knowing what law the attorney practices most should give you an idea about the experience level of the attorney, not to mention the attorney's familiarity with the local judges and court rules for those practice areas. If an attorney practices criminal law, civil law, and family law, there is a higher chance that the attorney knows less about family law compared to an attorney who only practices family law. So, choose carefully.

4) Face-to-Face Consultation - NEVER hire an attorney without meeting him or her face-to-face or talking with him directly. In other words, many attorneys have their paralegals do the initial interview, which is fine. However, after the initial interview, the paralegals also explain to the client the attorney-client agreement, the fee retainer agreement, and gives the client the choice of whether the client wants to retain the attorney's services. Never make the mistake of hiring the attorney by only speaking with the paralegal(s). ALWAYS speak to the attorney at least once before hiring him. You are going to pay the attorney a substantial amount of money; you should at least talk to the attorney "once" before giving him the money.

We offer FREE PHONE CONSULTATION 7 days by phone until 7 pm. So, call us. You have nothing to lose and only knowledge to gain.


Categories: Divorce, Child custody