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Our Blog

Our Blog

What NOT To Do In Child Custody Mediation

Posted by Tashfeen (Tash) Haq on June 1, 2012 at 3:00 AM

In California family law courts, all child custody cases must go through a mediation process where a court appointed, neutral third party will sit down with the parents and listen to the parents' concerns and parenting plan proposals, and thereafter, will prepare a recommendation that the mediator thinks is in the best interest of the child and submit that to the judge as well as the parents for their review before their child custody hearing.

During mediation, you should NOT:

1) Discuss child support;

2) Use your child as a bargaining tool to get something else;

3) Get angry or interrupt the other parent;

4) Go unprepared without a child custody and visitation plan or proposal;

5) Go without consulting an attorney and get at least some coaching about how to present your case to the mediator effectively and properly.

If you cannot afford a child custody attorney to help you prepare your documents or represent you in court, at least hire a family law attorney to get some coaching about how to present your side of the story to the mediator so that you do not have to figh an uphill battle in Court.

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