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Why You Should Hire A Riverside Family Law Attorney

Posted by Tashfeen (Tash) Haq on May 31, 2012 at 11:35 AM

Often clients ask, "do I need a Riverside divorce lawyer or family law attorney to represent me in court or can I do this case myself?". The answer is always "it depends". If your case is a simple divorce, for example, where you do not have any property, spousal support, child custody issues, or both parties are in agreement on everything, then most likely you will NOT need a Riverside Family Law Attorney.

However, most family law cases are not simple. Either party can disagree about something. After all, if you agreed on everything, then there would not be any reason why you could not work out your problems with each other.

So, what are some of the reasons why you should hire an attorney? The answers are obvious, but not something that we usually keep in mind.

What others say -

Other attorney websites will say that the reasons why people should hire an attorney is because, 1) they (the other attorneys' firms) care about your case, 2) they are professional and experienced, 3) that you should not neglect attention to your case, etc etc.

What we say -

Main reasons why you should hire an attorney are:

1) You do not speak "legal". In other words, look at your audience and ask yourself if you speak the language your audience understands. Your audience is the "Judge". Do you speak "legal"? If the answer is "no", then you should hire an attorney;

2) You are "emotionally" involved in the case. When a client is emotionally involved in a case, especially in a high conflict child custody or property division case, clients puts his/her case in jeoperdy (e.g. crying during a hearing in front of the judge, or getting angry and showing it). 

Think of a case like a poker game. You always want to have a poker face in the game, and do not want your opponent to know what you are thinking by looking at your face. Similarly, you do not want to show your emotions during a hearing or trial in court or to the other side because display of emotions will show that you have a weak case.

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